The Tea Party Express III

The most ambitious of the tea party events planned in 2010 looks to be the Tea Party Express III. The event is a 20-day, 42-city road trip that is scheduled to start in March featuring a cross-country caravan tour.

Organizers are encouraging supporters to get in buses and join them (with Gadsden flags waving, of course) at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, Nevada, on March 27 and to continue along for the ride as the caravan makes stops in cities like Little Rock, Arkansas; Springfield, Illinois; Davenport, Iowa; Detroit, Michigan; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Boston, Massachusetts. The final stop is Washington, D.C., on April 15 – which is Tax Day.

Will you be hopping on the caravan in March? Is it stopping in your hometown? Keep us posted on what you’re doing to support the Tea Party Express and how it is received in your community when it stops.

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One Response to “The Tea Party Express III”
  1. Dave c says:

    I just can’t wait for the Tea part express III to come threw Illinois again. I was at the tea part express Rally in Joliet/New Lenox Illinois. It was a great day.!!!!!!!! I was so good to vent with other people fed-up with Politicians & the issues. I had a blast all day. You know it is BIG when it is in BO’s own back-yard & over 10,000+ people attended. :) I know the Politics and game all to well, From a 4-th generation of City Firemen & Policemen

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